Warren Woodward Original Paintings

Australian-born artist Warren Woodward, was one of the prominent young artists at the Easy Sydney Techincal College. hE had to interrupt his studies during the 2nd World War. After having served five years in the Australian army, he came to California to finish his studies. Returning to Australia in 1950, he became famous there for his serigraph prints and as a scenic artist for the motion picture industry. But America had become dear to him so he returned in 1960.

Today his name is known all over the country for his creation of multi-color serigraphs. To do this takes a supreme craftsman. Warren was a Master in his field. Silk Screening, an old Chinese method of handprinting colors through stencil-like designs on silk, was first introduced in Europe in the 19th Century. Later in America, where in the field on line art, silk screened prints were called serigraphs.

Serigraphs are created with screens of finely woven silk stretched tightly across rigid frames. Like etchings, lithographs, or wood blocks, which require a separate plate stone, or block for each color printed, every serigraph color is laid down with its own screen. In order to produce as original serigraph it is necessary to be skilled, not only as a creative artist, but also in the many hand techniques essential to producing a work od art possessing the emotional sensitivity of an original. Warren worked for the Van Amstel Co. before starting his own company, W. W. Graphics, in Los Angeles.

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"Madona and child" approximately 4 feet X 5 feet"       Priced $24,499.00

"floral" approximately 24" x 30"       Priced $5,999.00

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